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Fair Haven, NJ Pest Control

Located along the Navesink River is the New Jersey borough of Fair Haven. Fair Haven is a close-knit community that provides all the amenities its diverse residents need to live, work, and play. Protect your Fair Haven home from the insects and rodents that also, unfortunately, call Monmouth County home by putting in place the exceptional pest control services that Arrow Pest Control provides. Arrow Pest Control is a New Jersey pest control leader which offers modern, industry-leading pest control services. For over 40 years, home and business owners have trusted us to keep their properties free of pests! To learn how we can work together to keep pests out of your residential or commercial property, give the New Jersey pest professionals at Arrow a call.

Pests Active In Fair Haven, NJ

Residential Pest Control In Fair Haven, NJ

Arrow Pest Control offers three different year-round pest control programs that provide the services needed to keep your Fair Haven home free of damaging and disease-spreading pests. These programs include:

  • Home Protection

  • Home Protection Plus

  • Arrow Premier 

Our Home Protection program is our most affordable program. It provides customers with 3 seasonal service visits, coverage for more than 30 common household pests, and free emergency service. Our Home Protection Plus program provides customers with the same benefits found in the above Home Protection program, but with the added benefits of carpenter ant control (carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, and acrobat ants) and our termite monitoring advantage to help guard your home against wood-destroying pests. And finally, our most inclusive program is our Arrow Premier program; it provides customers with 4 seasonal service visits, coverage for more than 30 common household pests, carpenter ant control, our termite monitoring advantage, termite control, and free emergency service. To learn which of these programs is the right fit for your Fair Haven home, reach out today and speak with one of our helpful professionals.

Problems Wildlife Cause In Fair Haven, NJ

Unpredictable wild animals carry diseases, dig up lawns and gardens, contaminate food, have the potential to become aggressive and bite or scratch, and can enter into and hide in difficult-to-reach areas of homes. As you have probably concluded by now from the above list, wild animals can cause a multitude of problems when trying to make their home in your Fair Haven home. They need to be removed as quickly as possible to limit the damage they can cause. To eliminate problems that you are experiencing with common wildlife species like squirrels, groundhogs, bats, opossums, raccoons, or snakes, contact a professional wildlife control expert. At Arrow Pest Control, we have been handling wildlife invasions since 1973 and can solve the toughest of wildlife problems by combining Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with modern technology. Our wildlife control and removal services include:

  • Determining the points of entry

  • Putting into place a removal and control plan

  • Providing waste clean-up

  • Providing post removal repairs

In addition to general wildlife control, we also provide the services needed to solve problems with garden and lawn pests to help you maintain a green, healthy, lush lawn. Contact us today to learn more about our humane wildlife control services.

Commercial Pest Control In Fair Haven, NJ

At Arrow Pest Control, we depend on creating a strong partnership between our pest professionals and our customers to help solve commercial pest problems and provide a continuous long-term solution to prevent future problems with pests in New Jersey businesses. Our highly trained, QualityPro-rated professionals also rely on IPM to control pests by concentrating on their biological, mechanical, and cultural requirements. Our modern and highly effective commercial pest control services provide our customers with pest threat analysis, evaluation, treatment, and accurate documentation in order to maintain a pest-free facility long into the future. Contact us today to get started protecting your Fair Haven, New Jersey business from pests.

Things Every Property Owner Should Know About Termites In Fair Haven, NJ

As a property owner in Fair Haven, New Jersey, you need to know the following things about termites.

  • Termites work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year consuming wood and growing their colony.
  • Termites are responsible for causing billions of dollars’ worth of damage across the United States each year.
  • A termite infestation left untreated can weaken the structural integrity of your home and make it unsafe for you and your family.
  • Eliminating a termite infestation completely is difficult and something that should only be tackled by a professional to ensure that the entire infestation is eliminated and doesn't reoccur.

To protect your home and property from termites, the professionals at Arrow Pest Control offer modern, effective, and affordable termite control services. These services include an onsite termite evaluation, treatment with Termidor (America’s #1 termite defense product) Arrow’s Termite Warranty, termite pre-treatment services, wood-destroying insect inspection, and accurate reporting. Call us today to schedule a free onsite termite evaluation for your Fair Haven property.

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