How To Choose A Year-Round Pest Control Plan

Every spring you start to find ants wandering through your kitchen, every summer your home is bombarded by flies, every fall you start to see hordes of boxelder bugs on your window sills and every winter you swear you hear mice behind your walls. Don’t live with pests another year; stop the never-ending cycle of pest invasions today by implementing a year-round pest control program from the pest professional at Arrow Pest Control!

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Taking the time to put into place one of our highly effective, affordable, customizable year-round pest control programs now, will provide you with the following benefits throughout the entire year:

  • Knowing that you are living in a pest-free environment, knowing that you will never have to spend time worrying about the pests that have invaded your home and the dangers and damages that they can inflict.
  • The knowledge that our highly trained professionals are using modern, industry leading technologies and products to provide your home and family with superior protection against pests.
  • Cost savings. Implementing a year-round pest control program will end up costing you less in the long run than having to call and pay for a one-time service every time you have a pest issue arise in your home.

At Arrow Pest Control we offer three different home pest control programs for our customers to choose from, helping to ensure that you receive the exact services you want at a price that can fit your budget!

Home Protection Program

Our Home Protection program starts at only $35/month and provides our customers with the benefits of eliminating your home’s current pest problems, followed up by year-round pest protection to prevent future issues with pests. This program includes 3 seasonal service visits (interior and exterior protection), coverage against more than 30 common household pests and free emergency service if it ever becomes necessary. For even more peace of mind, this program covers your entire property including attics, mailboxes, playsets, sheds and fences.

Home Protection Plus Program

The Home Protection Plus program provides customers with all the same benefits in the Home Protection program, PLUS carpenter ant control (carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, and acrobat ants) and our termite monitoring advantage. We will install 4 in-ground subterranean termite monitoring stations at specific points along the exterior perimeter of your home’s foundation. These stations will be serviced and inspected as part of your routine service. If termite activity is ever detected you are going to be provided with a Termite Treatment Proposal at a 50% discounted rate AND you will be upgraded to our Arrow Premier program at the current prevailing rate.

Arrow Premier Program

The Arrow Premier program is our most comprehensive program and provides customers with the benefits of protection against common household pests, termites, and other wood-destroying insects! With this program you will receive year-round protection against pests with quarterly service visits that consist of full interior and exterior inspections and treatments, coverage for your entire property including the attic, mailbox, playset, shed, and fence, AND a certified termite inspection and ongoing termite control!

One more thing that is certain when choosing one of Arrow Pest Control’s year-round home pest control programs, is that no matter which plan you choose, you will have the peace of mind knowing that pest problems in your home will be a thing of the past! Give us a call today to learn more about implementing one of our highly effective year-round pest control programs in your New Jersey home, or to request your free home estimate!

Kathleen F.


‟I’m so happy we went with Arrow! We had been using another pest control company and still had a lot of spiders and crickets!! We switched to Arrow and after the first use with them, all the bugs were gone. They do a great job, very thorough, professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend using their services if you have any bug issues!”
Kathleen F.
Toms River, NJ
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