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The Best Pest Control Services In Gillette, NJ

With over 1100 five-star Google reviews, locally owned and operated Arrow Pest Control is the pest control company to call when you’re dealing with nuisance and potentially destructive insects and rodents in Gillette or elsewhere in Morris County, New Jersey.  In business for 45+ years, our team has the knowledge, experience, and tools to get rid of ants crawling around the kitchen, mice in the house, crickets in the basement, and other pest problems common to our region.

Pests Active In Gillette, NJ

Leading Rodent Control In Gillette, New Jersey

If you’ve found rodent poop in the kitchen, mice nesting in the attic, rat holes in the yard, or other evidence of rodent activity in our around your property, Arrow Pest Control is ready to help! Providing the best rodent control services in Gillette, the Arrow team will:

  • Perform a thorough inspection of the structure and surrounding property to determine if mice and/or rats are on the premises, what’s attracting them, and how they are getting inside. 
  • Set up mechanical rodent control devices and implement leading rodent control strategies to eliminate the existing rodent population.  
  • Identify and correct potential entry points and complete the necessary exclusion work to prevent rodents from entering.  
  • Make recommendations on how you can make your property less attractive to mice and rats.
  • Help business owners and managers train their staff on best practices relating to rodent control and prevention.  

Schedule your FREE rodent control estimate today or reach out with any questions; we are ready to help you exterminate mice and rats in Gillette! 

Residential Pest Control Plans & Pricing In Gillette, NJ

Cockroaches, small ants, spiders, wasps, and other pests in or around your home don’t stand a chance when Arrow is on the job! Our residential pest control program, a year-round service, protects against insect and rodent infestations in the spring, summer, fall and winter! What’s more, we offer three levels of pest protection, which allows you, the homeowner, to choose the home pest control plan that works for you! 

Home Protection Program – Starting at $35/month

Three seasonal services, coverage for over 30 pests, and the Arrow Promise – if pests come back in between visits, we’ll come back to treat at no charge to you!

Home Protection Program Plus – Starting at $50/month

The same services as our Home Protection Program PLUS carpenter ant control, and termite monitoring advantage.

Arrow Premier – Starting at $60/month

The most comprehensive program available from Arrow, this plan includes four seasonal services, coverage for over 30+ pests, the Arrow Promise, carpenter ant control, and complete termite control.

Learn more about our home pest control plans and pricing in Gillette or schedule your FREE home evaluation!

Gillette, NJ Termite Protection

Wood-destroying termites in Gillette, New Jersey should not be underestimated. They work around the clock gnawing away on boards, load-bearing walls, and other building materials and items made from wood or wood by-products. Without proper termite treatment, these destructive insects will cause significant and expensive termite damage.  Unlike damages caused by fires and storms, termite damage is not covered by homeowner’s insurance policies because this pest problem is considered preventable.   

If you’ve uncovered termite damage in your home or business or if you simply want to prevent termites from infesting your structure, contact Arrow Pest Control.  We offer proactive termite monitoring and effective termite control services in Gillette, NJ that eliminate existing termite infestations.  Fully licensed and certified, our local pest control technicians treat for termites using America’s #1 termite defense product, Termidor®.  

A liquid termite treatment, Termidor kills existing termite populations and creates a zone of protection around the perimeter of the home or building. Designed to be undetectable to foraging termites, these wood-destroying pests will make contact with the material and then transfer it to other members of their underground colony. The end results is the complete eradication of all termite workers, termite soldiers, and reproductive including the queen. Find out why liquid termite treatments work and how they are incredibly effective for getting rid of termites around your Gillette home.

Schedule your FREE termite inspection today and make sure to ask us about our one-year renewable termite warranty against re-infestation!

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