Blog Posts: Rodents

mice in the corner of a new jersey garage
January 5, 2021

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Garage & Basement

Happy New Year, friends! We hope this post finds you healthy and of course pest…
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wood pile outside of a new jersey home
November 18, 2020

Three Clever Ways Pest Get (And Stay) Inside Your Home

Son of a NUT-cracker, the holidays are almost upon us!  If you’re hoping to…
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protected home from new jersey pests
October 16, 2020

Common Winter Pest Problems In New Jersey

The Farmer’s Almanac, an annual periodical that has been predicting long range…
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house mouse on a bed of sunflower seeds
October 7, 2020

The Differences Between Mice And Rats In NJ

Over the years we’ve blogged about mice and rats – a lot! Most recently…
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house mouse out in the snow
October 2, 2020

Six Common Questions About Mice That Infest New Jersey Homes

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again. Chilly mornings are just a sign of…
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mice in a short hill, nj home looking for food
July 21, 2020

Why Do I Have Mice In My Home This Summer?

Just last week we discussed how the coronavirus is affecting the rat population…
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rats in new jersey during the covid-19 pandemic
July 13, 2020

What COVID-19 Closures Mean For The Rat Population In New Jersey

While closing or limiting service at restaurants and other establishments has…
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house mice in new jersey eating food in pantry
February 5, 2020

Mice Infestations In New Jersey Are Worse Than You May Think

How much do you know about the common house mouse? Are you aware that a mouse…
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a house mouse outside a new jersey home
January 27, 2020

What To Do If You Discover House Mice In Your New Jersey Home This Winter

As winter sets in, animals seek shelter inside homes and businesses, not only…
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roof rats in dayton, nj
October 28, 2019

Roof Rats Aren't Just Found On New Jersey Roofs

Roof rats are a different species of rat that are not very good swimmers. They…
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mouse in east hanover, nj
October 17, 2019

What's The Difference Between Deer Mice & House Mice In New Jersey?    

They might look cute and cuddly, sweet and harmless on TV, but these tiny…
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arrow pest control technician outside bloomfield, nj home
October 8, 2019

Why You Need to Remain Vigilant About Pests During the Fall In New Jersey

Many people think that fall is a time when you can relax about pest control…
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