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Subterranean Termite Prevention Tips

May 25, 2017

termites infesting wood in new jersey home

Wood-destroying termites are prevalent in New Jersey

Subterranean termites are found in just about every state including ours. In fact, termites in New Jersey are a significant threat to homes and businesses, causing significant and costly damage if left un-treated.  If you don’t want to see your hard-earned income spent on repairing termite damage, then it would be advantageous of you to find out what attracts these pests and how to correct those conditions.  Continue on reader and we’ll share with you a few termite prevention tips our experienced termite exterminators recommend.

But first, how destructive are termites in New Jersey

Every year in this country, it is estimated that termite are responsible for billions of dollars in damages.  Why so much? You see, termites are silent destroyers. Without your realizing it, these wood-destroying pests could be deep inside your home or business weakening the structure from the inside out. Worse, they’ve likely been there for some time.  Did we mention that termites work around the clock?

I thought termites lived outside though

Termites can usually be found outside in soil or mulch in areas close to homes and other buildings. They will eat moist, rotting wood and cellulose material around your property; but while looking for food, they may find a way inside.  Once they have entered your structure and found the nutrients they need inside your walls, floors, ceilings and structural wood, they will not want to leave. You probably won’t even become aware of them until the damage becomes severe enough to be noticed. That could be years!

Termite prevention tips recommended by the NJ pest control pros 

Eradicating subterranean termites can be extremely difficult because they are very good at staying hidden and because much of their colony may be outdoors hiding deep underground. Often, they will remain in these underground bunkers with the workers utilizing mud tubes that they create on the side of your foundation to gain access to the support beams in your home while avoiding contact with the air and the sun which will tend to dry out their bodies. These mud tubes only enhance their ability to remain hidden making it very unlikely that you will see them wandering around.

In order to keep termites from feasting on your building(s), here are some prevention tips to help you keep termites out:

  • Reduce or remove wood sources around your home, like excessive mulch and wood piles.
  • Reduce or remove water sources around your home, like puddles and poorly drained gutter pools.
  • Store wood away from your home.
  • Seal up all entry points, including all cracks and crevices.
  • Remove all damaged wood inside your home.
  • Use dehumidifiers in damp rooms to remove excess moisture.

The #1 termite prevention tip

Contact Arrow Pest Control to sign up for termite protection! Serving Montclair, Livingston, and Berkeley Heights as well as communities throughout Essex, Hudson, Union, Monmouth, Middlesex, Mercer, Ocean and Somerset counties, the NJ pest experts at Arrow offer effective termite monitoring and termite control programs!

If you haven’t seen termite activity yet but know it’s only a matter of time, our termite monitoring is the ideal solution. If signs of termites are already prevalent, we can help. Simply give us a call to schedule your free termite inspection. We’ll come out to evaluate your property and once we have our findings, we’ll recommend a plan of action to exterminate termites (if they’re present) or begin monitoring your property for these destructive insects.

Contact Arrow today to get rid of termites (or prevent infestations)

Let us help you get rid of termites and avoid the costly structural damage that they cause. For more information simply give us a call today complete the form below!

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