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Why New Jersey Homeowners Should Call Arrow for Year-Round Pest Control 

December 31, 2019

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What’s your favorite season? Each season has something great to offer: flowers in spring, outdoor activities in summer, foliage in fall, and glistening snow in winter. Unfortunately, each season also has its downside. Did you know that every season brings unique pest problems? Although we usually associate bugs with summer, the truth is pests are a year-round nuisance. Here’s a guide to keeping your home safe through each season.


Spring is an active time for bugs. This is the season when many species of insects begin mating, laying eggs, and starting new colonies. You may see bugs emerge after the long winter. This is the time to be on guard, making sure no pests are building their new homes in your yard or house.


As spring moves into summer, bug activity increases. Some insects become more of a problem once all the eggs hatch. Pests will be searching for food to bring back to their colonies. Insects also become a problem during the summer because people tend to spend more time outdoors and traveling. Ticks are more of a worry when you’re outside during the summer, and bed bugs can be especially prevalent during the summer because of increased travel.


As the temperature begins to drop, some bugs become more aggressive. This is true of many stinging insects that are desperately searching for food and shelter before they die from the cold weather. Other pests may become a problem as they seek shelter inside homes. Rodents can be a huge concern during the fall months, and insects such as cockroaches and termites can continue to make an appearance.


Many pests continue to seek shelter throughout the winter. Rodents are still a problem during the cold season. Other pests, like stinkbugs, may try to overwinter inside the walls of your home. They’ll hide through the winter but, come spring, you’ll find you have an infestation. And several pests that live indoors, such as roaches, ants, spiders, bed bugs, and termites, can survive all year with the help of your climate control.

Year-Round Pest Protection

Because pests are a year-round problem, you need year-round protection. Each pest brings a unique set of dangers. Some pests sting or bite, leaving itchy welts or putting you at risk for an allergic reaction. Other pests carry diseases such as bubonic plague, malaria, yellow fever, and salmonella. Still others carry bacteria and dangerous pathogens. They contaminate food and cause endless frustration. Besides the health dangers, some pests cause expensive property damage. They may chew the wooden structure of your home or put holes in your clothes or gnaw on your furniture.

How Arrow Can Help

You should never ignore a pest infestation, and you shouldn’t risk the time, money, and effort of a do-it-yourself approach. The sooner you can control a pest problem, the less damage will be done. Instead of spending money on ineffective tools or spending hours searching for home remedies, let Arrow Pest Control step in with real tools and experience. Our Home Protection Plans offer year-round service for a variety of pests. We take a preventative approach so you never need to worry about damage being caused without your knowledge. New Jersey has a host of year-round pests, but Arrow Pest Control has the solution for all of them. Give us a call today, or reach out to us here on our webpage.

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