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Professional South Plainfield Pest Control Services

Trust your South Plainfield home or business’ pest control needs to our local, family owned and operated company- Arrow Pest Control. At Arrow, we are able to provide pest control services that utilize the newest technology and the most advanced pest control services to eliminate and control pests that call South Plainfield home. For over 40 years we have been providing the services that New Jersey residents need to protect their residential and commercial properties from pests like ants, spiders, bed bugs, termites, roaches, mice, carpenter ants, pantry pests, stinging insects, and more. To learn more about our comprehensive pest control services and why they are the perfect fit for your South Plainfield home or business, get in contact with us today at Arrow Pest Control.


Pests Active In South Plainfield, NJ

Residential Pest Control in South Plainfield, NJ

Why live with annoying and invasive pests for another day? Get rid of pests from your South Plainfield home quickly by putting into place an affordable, year-round residential pest control program from the New Jersey pest experts at Arrow Pest Control. Our residential pest control programs include:

  • Home Protection program - This program offers year-round protection against pests through 3 seasonal service visits, coverage for more than 30 common household pests, and free emergency service if it ever becomes necessary.

  • Home Protection Plus program - This program provides customers with the same benefits found in the Home Protection program, PLUS carpenter ant control (carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, and acrobat ants), and our termite monitoring advantage.

  • Arrow Premier program-  This program provides customers with the benefits of year-round pest protection, 4 seasonal service visits, coverage for more than 30 common household pests, carpenter ant control, termite monitoring, termite control and free emergency service!

Start eliminating pests from your South Plainfield home today by scheduling a home inspection and learning more about any of our residential pest control programs or services!

Learn How to Identify Bed Bugs in South Plainfield, NJ

To prevent yourself and family from coming into contact with bed bugs, and to prevent a large-scale infestation inside of your South Plainfield home, it is important to have a deep understanding of what bed bugs actually look like.

Adult Bed Bugs

Adults are flat and oval in shape and are about the size of an apple seed. They are brownish-red in color unless they have recently fed, in which case they will turn a more purplish-red color. They are wingless and have six legs. Adults produce a musty smell through special glands that are located on their body.

Young Bed Bugs

Young bed bugs or nymphs are smaller in size than the adults and are translucent or whitish-yellow in color making them very difficult to spot. However, if the nymph has recently fed they will be bright red in color and will be much easier to spot.


Bed bug eggs are extremely small in size, about the size of a pinhead, and are extremely difficult to spot without a professional eye.

If you ever discover any stage of bed bug living inside your South Plainfield home, contact the New Jersey bed bug professionals at Arrow Pest Control immediately. We can provide the inspection and treatment services needed to completely eliminate the infestation and help you and your family to sleep peacefully once again.

Commercial Pest Control in South Plainfield, NJ

Through pest threat analysis, evaluation, treatment, and documentation, the commercial pest control professionals at Arrow Pest Control can protect your South Plainfield business from pests and the potential dangers and damages that they can inflict. Through Integrated Pest Management, our highly trained, skilled, and licensed technicians focus on controlling pests not only with the use of pesticides but by strongly focusing on their biological, mechanical, and cultural needs. Our industry-leading services control pests in a wide variety of New Jersey businesses and industries including education, hospitality, healthcare, retail, industrial, food service, and more. Give us a call to learn more about our general year-round pest control services or to learn about our targeted services to keep rodents and wildlife out of your New Jersey business!

Learn How to Avoid Termite Damage in South Plainfield, NJ

Termites are drawn to water-damaged or decaying wood, which makes removing all excess moisture from in and around your home a great way to help deter termite activity. To help eliminate excess moisture our professionals suggest.

  • Making roof repairs

  • Making sure that weather stripping has been placed on all exterior windows and doors

  • Making sure that gutters are clear and working properly

  • Fixing leaky pipes or fixtures located both inside and outside of your home

  • Removing piles of leaves, grass, fallen limbs and other organic debris from your property

  • Removing any water damaged wood from your home and replacing it with sound wood

If you suspect termites are living on your property or inside of your home, give us a call at Arrow Pest Control today. We can provide the services needed to completely eliminate these highly destructive pests from your home. Our termite control services include an interior and exterior inspection of your property, the identification of problems on your property that are attracting termites, identifying where the termites are coming from, identifying termite damage inside and outside of your home, and finally a termite control estimate will be provided which includes treatment information and a cost estimate. In order to learn more about protecting your South Plainfield home from termites, give us a call today!

Pest Control Employment In South Plainfield, New Jersey

Searching for a future in an ever-expanding field? A profession in pest control may be right for you! This booming industry is looking for dependable, driven and dedicated individuals to join the workforce. Working for a pest control company covers an array of interests including communication, leadership and chemistry; making it an ideal career path for many people. Whether you’re searching for a position as a pest control technician, a career in pest control offers plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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