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5 Interesting Cicada Killer Wasp Facts

September 11, 2017

cicada killer wasp with cicada

You know the sound they make and their name, but how much do you really know about the cicada killer wasps? Surely this threatening name provides some insight into this solitary creature, right? Don’t be so sure. Here are some things you should know about cicada killer wasps.

How to Spot a Cicada Killer Wasp

The cicada killer wasp is often mistaken for the European hornet. The cicada killer wasp has red or orange legs and wings with shades of brown coloring. This wasp has a thick waist and black and yellow markings on all three body segments. The female cicada is about 2 inches long, but the male is two times smaller than the female.

Facts About the Cicada Killer Wasp

  • They prefer alone time - The cicada killer wasp is a flying insect that doesn’t live in large colonies like other species of wasps. The cicada killer wasp is a solitary creature that builds its nest underground. The nest can be found under playground equipment, along concrete and driveway edges, in sandy areas, and more.
  • They are not cicadas, but they kill them - The name causes quite a bit of confusion. No, it is not a cicada. The cicada killer wasp is a wasp that kills cicada bugs. The female cicada killer wasps kills cicadas by paralyzing the insect, dragging it underground, and lay its eggs under the cicada’s legs. When the babies hatch, they feed off the cicada.
  • A female can determine the sex of larvae - The female can determine the sex of her larvae before they hatch because it is important to have more females, as they are necessary for the survival of the species.
  • They are not a threat to humans - The cicada killer wasp is not a danger to humans. They are not aggressive wasps that will sting anything that walks by.
  • They cause damage to your property - The cicada killer wasp isn’t a danger or a health hazard, but they can cause problems on your property. As you read earlier, the wasps builds its burrow underground. This means you can see their nests all over your property, and not to mention that seeing a huge wasp larger than the size of a yellow jacket is unnerving.

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