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East Orange is a large New Jersey City that is located in Essex County. This city takes pride in being able to offer its residents and business owners everything that they need to succeed. East Orange is a great place for anyone to “live, work, and play”. Arrow Pest Control is a local New Jersey pest control company that takes pride in being able to offer all of its customers with the quality, modern, and affordable services that are needed to get rid of pests from any East Orange home or business. Cockroaches, mice, ants, spiders, bed bugs and other common pests are no match for the experience and industry-leading technologies that the professionals at Arrow Pest Control use to eliminate pests. Our tailored commercial or residential pest control programs will provide you with exactly what you need to keep pests from invading your property to become an annoyance, cause damages, introduce diseases, and contaminate food sources. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can partner together to get rid of your East Orange property’s pest problems for good.


Pests Active In East Orange, NJ

Residential Pest Control Services in East Orange, NJ

Arrow Pest Control has developed highly effective residential pest control programs that work to eliminate any household pests that have decided to take up residence in your home. These year-round programs also provide the follow-up services needed to ensure that they and other common household pests don’t return in the future. By implementing a year-round residential pest control service from Arrow you can ensure that your home is continuously free of damaging and dangerous pests. We offer three different residential pest control programs to choose from; our Home Protection Plus program is a great choice for homeowners who want a bit more than just basic pest control services. Customers who choose this program are provided with the benefits of year-round pest protection, three seasonal service visits that are spread throughout the year, coverage for more than 30 common household pests, carpenter ant control services which control carpenter, pharaoh, and acrobat ants, and free emergency service. To learn more about this program or any of our other residential pest control programs, get in touch with us today!

Tips To Avoid American Cockroaches in East Orange, NJ

Cockroaches are often thought of as a problem that pops-up in commercial properties, but unfortunately, these pests can just as easily invade residential properties. American cockroaches typically live outside, but often find their way inside of homes during periods of heavy rains or if the weather becomes too hot and/or dry outside. To help prevent problems with the American cockroach in your East Orange home, we offer the following helpful tips:

  • Remove food sources by keeping your kitchen clean and tidy. Wash dirty dishes daily, clean-up crumbs and other spilled food on counters and inside of cabinets and pantry areas. Clean out the inside of and behind large appliances.  Keep food limited to the kitchen only, don't allow food to be eaten throughout your home.

  • Remove dry goods, pantry items, and dry pet food from their original cardboard containers or bags, and place into glass or plastic containers with air-tight containers.

  • Regularly remove trash from your kitchen and place into outside containers with locking lids until trash pick-up day.

  • Vacuum and sweep your home’s floors regularly to help remove food sources.

  • Eliminate points of entry for American roaches by sealing cracks found in the foundation, sealing holes found around utilities that are entering your home, and making sure that the weather stripping found around windows and doors is intact.

  • Remove clutter and debris from storage areas that American roaches could use as shelter and hiding spots.

If you suspect that American roaches have found their way into your East Orange home, contact the professionals found at Arrow Pest Control as quickly as possible. Our professionals can provide the residential pest control services that are needed to completely eliminate these invasive, disease spreading pests from your home.

Commercial Pest Control Services in East Orange, NJ

If you own a business you need to protect it, your customers, and your employees from New Jersey pests. Whether you own a small storefront or a large warehouse, our pest professionals can provide the services which are needed to eliminate stubborn pests and stop future pests from getting inside. Our highly trained and experienced QualityPro rated professionals successfully control and eliminate pests by following the principles of Integrated Pest Management, in conjunction with implementing our innovative technologies and modern practices. At Arrow Pest Control we take pride in the fact that our commercial pest control services exceed industry standards, and our customers can take comfort in knowing that we will work closely with them to help make sure that their pest control expectations are always being met. Contact us today to request your free commercial estimate!

How to Tell if You Have Bed Bugs in Your East Orange, NJ Home or Business

If you think that you are seeing signs of bed bugs in your East Orange home, call the New Jersey bed bug control experts found at Arrow Pest Control. To positively identify an infestation one of our professionals will come to your property and provide a visual inspection. If bed bugs are identified we will recommend a treatment solution fitted to your situation. Arrow’s treatment for bed bugs usually includes an initial intensive service and two follow-up visits that are spread out over a six-week time frame. At our last service visit, we will provide an inspection of your property to ensure that all the bed bugs have been eliminated. At Arrow, we also offer preventative bed bug control options which include mattress encasement, active mattress liners, and climb-ups. To learn more about identifying a bed bug infestation or about our other bed bug control options, including the benefits of your portable bed bug heat chamber, give us a call today at Arrow Pest Control.

Employment Opportunities In East Orange, NJ With Arrow

Seeking a career in an ever-expanding field? A profession in pest control may be right for you! This bustling industry is looking for ambitious, positive, and lively individuals to join the workforce. Working for a pest control company covers a wide-range of interests including communications, leadership, and biology; making it an ideal career path for many people. Whether you’re looking for a career as an exterminator or receptionist, a future in pest control offers ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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